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The ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a thermodynamic process where an organic fluid instead of water is utilized as working medium.

By using this organic working fluid it is possible to convert even small sources of thermal energy as well as energy sources with low temperatures economically into electrical energy.

Thus with our ORC-systems we can generate electrical energy from waste heat, geothermal energy, the thermal utilization of biomass or solar thermal sources.

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Industrial Waste Heat Recovery

Increase your process efficiency by using waste heat for simple extra power production.

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Geothermal Power

Produce power from geothermal reservoirs.

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Geothermal power
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Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide the best ORC power plant solutions for our customers. Our custom-made and highly individual products are always designed to fit into our client’s process best. Being the ORC-manufacturer with the broadest range of products, together with our customers we constantly enhance our ORC-systems to be able to bring the most innovative and best products to market in the shortest time possible.

For the ongoing energy transition our wide range of products offers the ideal sustainable addition to safe resources, safe CO2 and to build a reliable and cost effective source of energy.