Heat within the earth. As one of the largest energy reserves available, our ORC technology is perfectly suited to tap all those geothermal ressources that can not be exploited with regular water steam power plants.


Minimal temperature needed for the production of electrical energy

20 kW

Smallest power output of our geothermal power solutions


Base load renewable power

Our geothermal power plants offer the technological solution to raise vast geothermal potentials based on the Organic Rankine Cycle process. By help of this process it is made possible, to tap reservoirs of geothermal energy in temperature ranges from approx. 85°C up to 200°C for the generation of electricity which are unable to be developed with the water steam cycle.


Typically GEOCAL ORC-units can be used to convert thermal sources from:

  • Hot brine
  • Steam
  • Steam and brine mixtures
  • Flash power plant drainer
  • Waste heat from geothermal heating grids
  • EGS brines