Waste Heat Recovery



Heat loads coming from the industrial site at different flow rates and temperatures have to be transferred to a heating grid. Since there is much more heat available than demand the excess heat has to be cooled down. The hot water return temperature to the industrial site has to remain the same all the time.


Our client, an energy supply company in Germany, operates a heating grid close to a large industrial site.


Our Solution:

We installed an INDUCAL NT300 ORC-unit.

With a smart heat management system that is installed on the same skid as the ORC unitthe optimal amount of energy is sent tot he heating grid, cooling and the ORC-unit.

After the hesat amangement system conducted the right amont of water flow towards the ORC-unit, the heat is efficiently transformed into electricity. Thereby the ORC- and heat management system operate from 10% up to 300% of the rated heat load.

from the industrial site 5 exhaust gas heat exchangers the high temperature exhaust gas heat from