Waste to

power_from_waste ORC

More and more countries in the world are prohibiting the landfilling of garbage. Even though large waste combustion power plants are operating world wide, small waste to energy plants are more up to date than ever. Our ORC-systems offer the perfect solution for a cost effective and efficient power generation even for small scale plants.


Temperature already sufficient for power generation


Available modes for power generation / power only / combined heat and power


Max. temperature supply for combined heat and power generation

Burning waste produces a lot of thermal energy. For large systems, it is worth investing in very expensive power generation with high-pressure steam turbines.

For small combustion systems, that originally are designed for the supply of heat only, generating electricity with steam systems is often not economically feasible.

Here, the ORC process offers the possibility of efficiently producing electricity on the basis of pressurized water or thermal oil. In particular, the ORC process can be dimensioned in such a way that mainly the expensive electricity consumption for the incineration plant's own supply can be covered.


Our units offer the ideal solution for waste to power plants when:

  • Waste to power plants only have hot water available as heat carrier medium
  • Combined heat and power production is needed
  • Only simple, reliable and low maintenance small amount of extra electrical power production is needed
  • Only heat sources such as thermal oil, pressurized water, low pressure steam or warm water are available