Thermodynamic cycle - technological bedrock of our products

The ORC process (Organic-Rankine-Cycle) is a thermodynamic process, where instead of water a low boiling, organic substance circulates as working medium. This can occur at temperatures from 100°C (212°F) on and pressures far under 20 bar to extract a maximum work from the organic rankine cycle-process.

With organic rankine cycle-power plants it is possible, to also turn small sources of thermal energy efficiently into electrical energy. This can simply be achieved with an organic rankine cycle-module mounted on a base frame.

Due to the thermodynamic properties of the synthetic working medium, in organic rankine cycle-power plants it is possible, to generate electrical energy from waste heat, geothermal sources, combustion of biomass or solar thermal sources.

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The ORC-Process

The ORC-Process

The ORC-Process as » animation.