INTEC GMK is the successor of company for engines and turbines limited liability.

The enterprise GMK company for engines and turbines limited liability was founded in 1994 as a part of a research project at the University of Rostock. Content of the research project was the investigation of combustion characteristics of biogenic fuels in slow and medium-speed diesel engines and the investigation of known concepts for the use of high-energy media streams of large engines. In particular, the company's employees at the Institute of thermal machines with the calculation and analysis of engine combustion gradients and internal heat losses during motor processes. In the course of the research project, the theoretical findings based on a single cylinder research engine could be verified on a specially built engine dynamometer.

After the expiry of the research project, the research results obtained were used to the extent, to plan and build engine cogeneration systems for industrial customers. From 1996 to 2006 finally about 20 motor-CHP plants for mineral and renewable fuels to be planned up to an electrical output of 2.000 kW, are delivered and partially produced. To increase the efficiency and security of supply with heat for industrial customers, this engine turbines were often supplemented with combustion equipment for solid biomass, in particular wood chips.

Parallel to these activities was initiated in 1996 with the development of ORC plants, so that in 2000 the first ORC biomass cogeneration plant could be built based on an ORC module. In the following years, ORC systems have been enhanced knowledge in the field of low-temperature ORC plants in addition to the know-how for turbines and built in 2008 the first small ORC module based on an optimized for the relaxation of steam screw compressor.

In addition to various corporate adjustments in the years 2000 - 2014 the company INTEC GMK, now part of the INTEC Group of companies, which has annual sales of approximately € 50 million per year.