Research and development for ORC-top products

Succsess by innovation – R&D at INTEC GMK

The complete interpretation of ORC power plants is carried out by INTEC GMK. Starting with the cycle interpretation, on the dimensioning of heat exchangers, the calculation of flow and displacement engines, strength calculations, problems are solved to the programming of the modules in our house.

Simulation und Prüfung
Simulation and flow mechanics

Prior to the approval of ORC-product drawings, the function of the ORC-components regarding the perfect exchange of heat, the pressure resistance and the flow properties are tested by FEM or flow simulations and optimized in certain cases.

Latest ORC-working mediums

Highest efficiency and environmental friendliness in one: Our ORC-working mediums can be individually designed for the product lines INDUCAL®-waste heat recovery, GEOCAL®-geothermal heat and ECOCAL®-biomass. For the ORC-mediums GL 160 and WL 220 patent rights had been accomplished.

Electronic controls

Innovative linking of SPS and measurement electronics enable the fully automated, handling of our ORC-systems as also a remote control from every point of the world.

ORC 3D Product design

Because of the low temperatures and pressures in the ORC only small energy densities are being moved. Therefore enormous surfaces for the heat transfer in such ORC-systems have to be fitted into smallest spaces. Because of this fact in one component, the recuperator of a 1,000 kW ORC-plant 50,000 m (fifty thousand) pipes are used. The construction of such complex ORC-components can only be carried out with latest 3D-CAD-systems.


Power plant technology is high pressure vessel production which stands for precision and a high degree of security. To also meet this demand in the production, our fabrication, like our products, is in a continuous improvement process. Therefore next to the production in Chemnitz a robotic production for heat exchangers is under current construction in Bargeshagen.


To improve theoretical conclusions or theoretically difficult to solve issues to verify by practical tests, INTEC GMK owns a test facility, in which the different temperature windows for ORC applications can be simulated. Furthermore INTEC GMK has its own ORC power plants, in addition to its own Laboratory and technical capacity, which are operated in operating companies as field test systems.