ORC systems for generating power from low temperature heat sources

For the conversion of thermal energy, which is available as hot water at a temperature from 85 °C, INTEC GMK can offer the latest development on the basis of the screw expander technology. Technical principle of our low temperature ORC systems is the Organic Rankine Cycle, where an organic working medium performs work instead of water. Through the use of an organic working fluid, other comparable low-temperature-potentials can be used as a heat source. 


Thermal power input ranging from 300 – 1.000 kW - IC 40 to 60 series module


Especially developed for the field of waste heat power generation from biogas engines, our standardized ORC module in 20ft containers provides the ideal solution for the efficient use of waste heat from biogas engines.


In addition to the waste heat from biogas engines our series module can also be used in the following applications: 
- small geothermal heat sources
- waste heat from small biomass furnaces
- industrial cooling processes



Thermal power input ranging exceeding 1.000 kW - customized ORC modules


For larger quantities of waste heat exceeding 1.000 kW customized ORC systems based on the IC series technology come to use. Larger thermal heat powers can be found in the following applications: 

- industrial coolers
- exhaust vapor condenser
- excess process steam
- cooling system of large engines