ORC waste heat recovery - INDUCAL®

INDUCAL-„industrial caloric" describes our organic rankine cycle-waste heat recovery product line that makes it possible to recover waste heat efficiently from industrial plants, such as glass and steel mills or big engines for the generation of electricity.

The primarily named waste heat sources nowadays are mainly not recovered since most of the time they are only available on low temperature levels (up to 300°C/572°F) with small power outputs. Based on these reasons such waste heat potentials can not be converted into electricity with the water steam cycle, because of the high investment costs of such plants and physical properties of water.

INDUCAL® waste heat recovery

  • ORC-waste heat power

  • By help of INDUCAL®- modules waste heat on low temperature levels from industrial processes, or from Gensets (1) as shown in the example, can be converted into electricity.

  • The heat produced at the engine (1) is absorbed by an exhaust heat exchanger (2), applied to the thermal oil cycle (3) and transported to the pre-heater-evaporator unit (5) with the thermal oil pump (4).

  • In the pre-heater evaporator unit (5) the thermal energy from the thermal oil is passed on to an organic working fluid.

  • As it is charged with the hot fluid from the primary cycle, the organic working medium evaporates at pressures below 20 bar and flows to the expander (7) in the fresh steam pipe (6). Due to the operation at low pressures, INDUCAL®-modules work fully automated automatically.

  • With the expander-generator-unit (7+8) the thermal energy of the working medium is transformed into electricity.

  • The relaxed still gaseous working medium flows into the recuperator-condenser-unit (9) where it is liquefied and drawn to the secondary cycle by the condensate feed pump (10).

  • 7. Because fo the low condensation temperature, the residual heat can not be used for heating purposes and therefore is retracted by a cooling system (11). INDUCAL®-modules thus are mainly designed to be power operated. The electricity produced can either be used for the internal consumption at the industrial site or to be fed into the power grid.

Key figures
Electrical power output: 0.5 - 5.0 MW
Operating period: 8,000 h p.a.
Manpower requirements: 0.1 - 0.4 persons
INDUCAL®-heat recovery modules
  • operate fully automated based on the low pressures in the waste heat recovery ORC-process. Therefore the modules need no supervision and operate highly economically;
  • are being fitted to thermal sources individually at GMK by the choice of a matching ORC-working medium;
  • achieve maximal efficiencies of up to 21% by innovative plant and molecular design.