INTEC GMK is one of the leading Organic Rankine Cycle systems developers and manufacturers in Europe. INTEC GMK offers the design, production, implementation and service of turnkey Organic Rankine Cycle modules for the generation of electricity from waste heat, geothermal energy and biomass as a one stop supplier.

Together with our parent company, INTEC Engineering located in Bruchsal, southern Germany, we offer ORC systems including the complete combustion and heat extraction systems.







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INTEC GMK Member of the INTEC group of companies

INDUCAL - Abwärme
INDUCAL®-heat recovery

ORC-modules for the recovery of industrial and genset waste heat
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GEOCAL - Geothermie

ORC-modules for the use of geothermal heat sources
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ECOCAL - Biomasse

ORC-modules for the energetical use of solid biomass
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